You’ve heard of tee-ball. You’ve probably used training wheels at some point, but what is there to make basketball fun for developing players while reinforcing the necessary skills for improvement? Now there is Boost Hoop, the shot-arc developer and confidence booster.

Does it work?

Through testing agreements with the YMCA, along with other basketball academies and elementary schools, we have proven that the Boost Hoop increases player retention by boosting shooter confidence levels.

Data gathered from youth YMCA leagues shows that the Boost Hoop not only increases confidence, but also shot percentage. Our data shows a 250% increase in shots made during shooting drills from youth teams utilizing the Boost Hoop. This is due to the up-and-over mentality created by the Boost Hoop’s taller rim.

The Boost Hoop creates a positive-reinforcement loop fueled by successful repetition. As the players score more, they want to shoot more - all while developing a higher-shot-arc.



The Boost Hoop features an added sidewall which heightens the rim by 4 inches. This requires players to shoot higher to make their baskets. The Boost Hoop has been designed to force players to shoot with the optimum amount of shot-arc. Through repetition, this becomes habit even when the Boost Hoop is removed.

01 | Shot improvement

The funnel design of the Boost Hoop nearly doubles the scoring area of a regular basketball rim. This results in more shots made and more fun for the player. Making a higher percentage of shots encourages players to keep playing through a positive-reinforcement cycle.

02 | Confidence Boost

The Boost Hoop is quick to set up and easy to use. Within 5 minutes of receiving your Boost Hoop you can have it assembled and on the goal. An easy modular strap and clip design allows the Boost Hoop to easily fit on every type of basketball rim.

03 | Easy install

Every Boost Hoop is manufactured with bi-layered side walls. These specially designed walls are built to absorb impact. This design makes the game more enjoyable by lessening the amount of time spent chasing down a ball, leaving more time to practice your shot.

04 | Less Rebounding

Made right in the heart of the USA, every Boost Hoop is made from the finest materials. The outer shell of the hoop is made of carbon fiber, and each Boost Hoop is then lined with foam. This design keeps the Boost Hoop both lightweight and extremely durable.

05 | Durable Design